Aldo Geraldo


Schatze is the sister of Fiona and Miller. The three were trapped as kittens near the Massey Tunnel. Schatze was supposed to live in...
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Fiona came to the RAPS sanctuary as a kitten along with her sister Schatze and brother Miller. According to Debbie, they were...
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Back in January, Phaedra posted this picture on Facebook of Yale having a good old yawn while siblings Gabriel and Saffron looked on. She described how...
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I was recently asked by Bev to do a post on Shrek, a cat she sponsors. She sent this photo taken by...
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After his feral mom, Grace, Gabriel is still the shyest of the family that includes Ash, Saffron and Yale. Until recently, he tended to stick pretty...
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Daughter of Grace and sister of Ash, Gabriel and Yale, Saffron is probably the most outgoing of the family.            ...
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You may have come across big fluffy Zander sprawled like this: Or this: Or snuggled up with his paws crossed like this:...
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Does this not look like a sweet and innocent cat? Meet Nova, introduced by the sign on his cage door as “A...
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