May 2011


Identifiable by a missing ear tip and the unique patterns in her eyes, Nikki is one of the sanctuary old timers. Gaye...
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Shy, pretty tortie Psyche is the sister of Bunny, found by a Bunsmaster Bakery along with their brother Baker (who has since passed...
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Long time sanctuary resident Spunky has the distinction of being the first cat Leslie ever tamed. Spunky came in as a feral...
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Long time sanctuary resident Kenny came to RAPS in 2003. One of a group of feral adults and kittens living under a...
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Meowy came to RAPS in 2007 with her sister Puffy. Their owner had become homeless and was living out of his car,...
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Pretty little black Vicki is sometimes referred to as “Vicki from Vernon” after the rather unusual story of her arrival. Around two...
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