October 2010


Tiny came from the same home that brought us Creampuff. Even so, Tiny didn’t have much time for her elder housemate when they...
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I was introduced to Jemima earlier this week by her human friend and fan, Kim. Since posting Zanda’s story, I’ve talked with various...
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The latest addition to the New AIDS room gang, Smokey looks very much like a scruffy grey version of Tugboat.   No relation,...
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Bonnie Boy

A while back, two feral kittens, sister and brother, were brought in to the sanctuary together. They were given the names Bonnie...
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When Leslie introduced me to this friendly black cat as “Dempster from the Dumpster,” I wasn’t sure what to make of the...
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Cha Cha

Cha Cha originally came from a feral colony living near Princess Street in Steveston. After being trapped and brought to the RAPS...
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