August 2011


I was taken by surprise a few weeks ago as I walked into the cat sanctuary doors. I was greeted by the...
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Ziggy Girl

I was a little trepidatious about entering this new arrival’s cage tonight. The sign on her door said: “Ziggy Girl” surrendered for...
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It’s been about a year since Max came to the sanctuary… for the second time. He originally came to RAPS when a...
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I first noticed Sally in the spring of last year, a pretty calico who could often be found sitting in the window...
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Dusty (II)

Dusty was trapped around two years ago with her kittens, all pretty tabbies like their mom. The kittens lived in the Kitten...
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When feral sister and brother Mindy and Jinx came to the sanctuary, Mindy seemed to at least want to be tame. Jinx wasn’t so sure. Leslie...
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