Cat Sanctuary


I was taken by surprise a few weeks ago as I walked into the cat sanctuary doors. I was greeted by the usual deluge of cats floating towards me with the grace and fluidity of a school of fish swimming in the ocean. Such is the way at the cat sanctuary; it is beautiful to be received in such a manner and welcomed with a shower of affection.

Wanting to bask in kitty love I immediately sat down on the warm cement revelling in it all. That was until our tuna laden volunteer Jez walked onto the scene. The current changed and the cats turned in unison and swam away from me towards Jez.

All except one.

Jasper a beautiful brown tabby cat had decided that cuddles were better than tuna and he was now happy to be the sole proprietor of my lap having no further competition. Had I not had a job to do, I’m sure he would have draped himself on my lap all evening and into the night. In fact, it was difficult to get a photo of Jasper on his own, so persistent he was to be in my lap.

It was love at first purr for me.

Remarkably, he came to the no 5 road shelter as a kitten and was the only one of his litter not to get adopted. It is truly baffling how this loving and gentle cat had not been snatched up.

Now every time I come to the shelter, I loiter around the front courtyard outside of the Connor building where he spends his time. I have never had to look for him as within a few minutes he eventually appears out of nowhere and comes to greet me, inviting me to sit down and provide him with a warm lap and soothing cuddles. In return for the borrowed use of my lap, he provides me with an immense release of all the days stress and fills my heart with love and happiness.