July 2010


Wait, that’s not a cat! The cat sanctuary is in fact home to 800-900 cats plus one rabbit. I first introduced Kringle...
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Bella (II)

Not to be confused with Bella of the blanket game in the Old AIDS building, this is the Bella who lives in the doublewide....
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Josie was brought into the No. 5 Rd. shelter a couple of years ago, a frightened stray with kittens. As frightened as...
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Some cats are most comfortable with people they’ve come to know. This does not appear to be the case for Ella, who...
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Carreen is a sweet, young tabby female with unusually rounded ear tips. She was brought in last week after someone reported a...
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This one took a little research and a lot of help. Many thanks to Leslie, Debbie, Laura, Linda and Phaedra. It started...
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