Cat Sanctuary

Dusty (II)

 photo by Kim

Dusty was trapped around two years ago with her kittens, all pretty tabbies like their mom. The kittens lived in the Kitten Trailer until they’d all had their shots and could be adopted out. Dusty, a feral and therefore unsuitable for adoption, remained at the sanctuary.

 photo by Kim

She’s still shy, as is to be expected from a feral, but is slowly getting more comfortable around humans. She also has her cat friends. In particular, I’m told she loves black longhair Leo and is campaigning to be his girlfriend.

I was introduced to Dusty by fellow volunteer Kim, who’s discovered that over time this feral kitty has felt less of a need to hiss when approached and may even allow a fingertip to be extended towards her before scooting away.

 photo by Kim

Although Dusty wouldn’t let me come quite close enough to be in danger of touching her, I was permitted to take quite a few pictures without making her feel threatened. And when Kim and I were standing nearby, talking about her, Dusty couldn’t seem to resist the beginnings of a little tail-in-the-air showing off before making a show of getting away from us, almost as if saying, “Look at me – I’m running away. I’m going to run away from you now.”
Dusty, methinks thou dost protest too much.