October 2009

Moosha (aka Mooshie)

The RAPS website photo page describes Mooshie as energetic, talkative and personable. A nice, friendly, attractive cat with no strange quirks or behavioral oddities,...
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Lincoln (I)

There are two cats with the name Lincoln living at the sanctuary. Here’s the incredible story of the first one, provided by...
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I introduced Cookie a while back as a cat in the habit of requesting attention with a polite tap-tap-tap. Sadie is equally friendly and...
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Winston is one of the more recent arrivals. He’s in a nice big cage while he acclimates and the sign on the...
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Mama Kumar

Mama Kumar’s story, by Leslie (first published in The Love Blog, July 2009): “Mama Kumar lived with a woman who loved all animals...
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A story from Leslie (first published in The Love Blog in July 2009): “Groucho was surrendered to the sanctuary several years ago with his...
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