The RAPS Cat Sanctuary

The RAPS Cat Sanctuary was built in order to rescue and protect homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. It is now one of the largest cat sanctuaries in North America. The Sanctuary provides a safe permanent home to hundreds of feral, abandoned and surrendered cats. Our tame and feral felines cohabitate peacefully and contentedly.

We are one of very few cat shelters that house leukemia and FIV-positive cats (neither disease affects humans or other animal species). These cats are housed in separated areas so that other cats are not exposed. In many shelters, a positive diagnosis would mean euthanasia. We ensure that they are loved and cared for during their lifetimes.

The Sanctuary is maintained by about 100 dedicated volunteers who continually create a loving, clean, comfortable and safe environment for our cats. Our cats’ health is monitored by a specialized team of animal care workers who handle and medicate both tame and feral cats, and who work closely with local veterinarians. RAPS believes that every life is a valuable life and spares no expense in ensuring that the cats receive high-quality care throughout their lifetimes.

Although we have some adoptable cats, most are feral, older, or have behavioural issues, meaning that they are less likely to be adopted. We provide them with food, shelter, love and veterinary care. Since our establishment in 1999, our veterinary costs have increased, due in large part to our aging feline population. They need dental and blood work and x-rays to diagnose conditions such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

Want to Help?

Please consider helping our senior cats, and others by becoming a monthly sponsor or making an online donation today. Our sanctuary is funded by private donations and with the revenue from the Regional Animal Protection Society Thrift Store.

Due to fluctuations in COVID rates in the province, we have taken the difficult step of temporary closing the RAPS Cat Sanctuary to non-essential visitors again. We know how meaningful visits are for so many individuals and families and we hope to reopen to the public again safely … and as soon as possible. We will keep you updated as changes occur. Thank you for your understanding and continued support!