Cat Sanctuary


You may have come across big fluffy Zander sprawled like this:

Photo provided by Karen

Or this:

Photo provided by Phaedra

Or snuggled up with his paws crossed like this:

Or even oozing over the edge of a counter top designed for a much smaller cat like this:

Photo provided by Karen

Zander came to RAPS seven or eight years ago, says Leslie, part of a small menagerie left behind when the lady who’d owned them succumbed to cancer. RAPS took in young Zander plus dogs, a rabbit and some fish, and were able to find homes for most of the animals. Zander was among those adopted out, but developed urinary crystals a couple of years later and was returned. Later, RAPS volunteer Linda tried adopting him herself, but had to bring him back after he proved overly bossy with her cats.

Leslie calls him “a lovely boy” and I think all at the sanctuary would agree. She thinks he would do well in a townhouse, being “too active for a apartment life.” This may not be obvious from the sprawling poses pictured above, but notice how each sprawl is executed in a different location. This boy likes a little freedom to move.

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