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Daughter of Grace and sister of Ash, Gabriel and Yale, Saffron is probably the most outgoing of the family.

Gabriel, Saffron and Yale, photo by Michele

Photo by Kim







In fact, Saffron was the first one of her family I met, and the only one to make a point of introducing herself to me.  I came across this little unknown kitty in the singlewide, perched on the edge of shelf and trying to stare me down for some cuddles or food (dinner was being served at the time) or whatever else might be on offer. As I started patting her, I asked Michele who she was and was told her name was Saffron.

Introductions having been made, Saffron happily settled into purring, rubbing and dancing, stopping only briefly to have a little play with a nearby cat toy.

When I came to see her a number of days later, she was just the same: friendly, open and ready for a visit.

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