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Does this not look like a sweet and innocent cat?

Meet Nova, introduced by the sign on his cage door as “A 15 year old boy who was at #5 Road. He is very friendly & loves his wet food.” He only arrived on June 10, so we’re still getting to know him. It can take a little while to get the hang of their quirks, particularly with a cat who’s had 15 years to build up a repertoire.
“Friendly” + “loves wet food” = a good start.

On June 23, a new sign appeared on his door:


This was accompanied by a further warning written on the whiteboard in the kitten trailer where he’s living, and by a living cautionary note in the person of Leslie, who I encountered sporting a couple of sizable bandages – one from the upper jaw, one from the lower – on her forearm.

Have another look at the picture at the top of this post. Still look innocent?

Apparently, next time he saw Leslie after chomping down on her, he was all ready for another cuddle. She, naturally, opted for caution and a rain cheque.

15 years worth of life and resulting marks that we don’t know about. Or maybe he’s just being an old guy who gets a little confused when there’s too much excitement. Hard to tell. For now, best to just do as the sign says and keep the loves short and sweet.


Updated September 9, 2011: Sadly, this old boy is no longer with us. We’re glad we were at least able to give him a safe place to live for as long as he needed it

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