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I was first introduced to Soprano as a good-looking and spirited tabby who was – and is – a particular favorite of fellow volunteer Shannon.

Not having previously met any cats called Soprano, I was curious where her name had come from. Two theories sprung to mind:





drawing by Claire

The Sopranos ears and whiskers by Claire









After hearing Shannon’s greeting of “Soprano girl!” answered with numerous enthusiastic exclamations of “mraowr!!”, I began to suspect my first guess may be the correct one. It was.
Soprano is a talkative girl who knows how to project.

Soprano is fond of sitting on top of the fridge, leaning over the edge to be as close as possible to passers-by who might talk with her, feed her chicken or exchange headbutts. If on your own you don’t stray close enough for her to ram her tabby “M” into your forehead, she will attempt to entice you to come nearer by waving a paw in your general direction.

Hard to argue with a paw like that.

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