Cat Sanctuary


Debbie introduced me to Mika the other day, pointing out a tiny, wide-eyed black cat who “looks like she has icing dusted on the tops of her ears.”

She went on to tell me a sad little story that’s hard to imagine looking at spunky Mika bobbing and weaving between us as she makes a bid for our undivided attention

“She came from the girl who used to be the receptionist at [the] 5 Road [shelter]. This was a cat that was living outside of her place and she had kittens. As young as she is, she had five kittens. …She’s less than a year. She was just a baby, having babies…. And two of them didn’t make it, and one was taken by a coyote, so I think there were two kittens left and they both were adopted. And she [the receptionist] wasn’t able to keep her because she was moving, so she brought her in here and she’s really become a favorite.”

Personality-wise, Debbie describes Mika as “very hyper, but she’s cute as can be.”Leslie seconds this:

“Hyper is correct, but she’s also quite aggressive with the other cats in her building. Smacks them around. It’s a good thing she’s so darned cute and loves having her tummy rubbed. It’s also probably a good thing that she’s so small, so she likely doesn’t do too much damage to her victims.”

Updated September 29, 2010: Mika has been adopted!

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