Cat Sanctuary


This week, I met Bandit. Leslie introduced me to him, saying his story was a little sad.
“Why?” I wanted to know. She said he’d been at the sanctuary for a long time. Meaning much too long.

Bandit used to be one of those cats who actively seek attention, bringing himself forward so that a person can’t help but take notice and pay attention to him. But he’d get jealous if his chosen person of the moment paid attention to other cats. Unfortunately, cats who don’t share well with others don’t always make the best impression on visitors and would-be adopters.

Eventually, he seems to have stopped trying so hard to engage people. And this in turn means less attention from anyone who doesn’t know him well enough to think to seek him out. As I didn’t.

The story of the overlooked: it is indeed a little sad.

Update March 15, 2010: Even just a little attention can go a long way.

When I came into the double wide for this week’s shift, Bandit remembered me and meowed for attention… behaving very much, Leslie says, like he used to do. It seems that Bandit has chosen me to be his friend. And I couldn’t be happier.

Update September 3, 2010: Sadly, we lost Bandit yesterday. He was not a well cat over the past few weeks, with severe anemia and a total lack of appetite to go with it. Possibly a bone marrow issue, Leslie thinks.


It’s going to take a little while for it to sink in that he’s not out on back porch and won’t sit up and meow for a cuddle when he sees me come through the door.

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