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Ricky & Cleo

Cleo and Ricky form one of our favorite “together forever” pairs.


Their separation from their human family was a traumatic one — a marital breakup resulted in five cats being left behind at a North Richmond home. RAPS was contacted by the wife’s relatives and asked to come and retrieve the cats, but the animal control officer could only find two. Carol, Gaye and Leslie went over and managed to capture Ricky and Cleo outside in the yard. The pair were understandably frightened from their experience, but after a few weeks RAPS staff were able to convince them they were now in a safe place.

Friendly and affectionate, Ricky is what Leslie would call “a perfect cat.” It’s so very easy to take to him. For his part, he very much enjoys snuggling on laps. Leslie reports that he also quite enjoys climbing on her back.

Leslie tells me that it took Cleo longer to trust people, but now “she’s pretty relaxed and oh, so cute.” That she is.

Those of you who have been following this blog may recognize the picture above. Cleo graced the Neko Files page header throughout January and February.

These two enjoy each others company, whether peacefully napping together or playfully wrestling, and are looking for a nice home where they can stay together.



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