Cat Sanctuary


Anyone who’s spent much time in double wide trailer at the sanctuary has probably come across Booster.

She likes to perch on the edge of the cage tops and holler for your attention. The sound of her insistent, at times relentless meowing is something Ann likens to the bleating of a sheep.

If I were to go and visit Booster every time she yelled for me during my shift, the other cats would never get their dinner. But – ignore her too long at your own risk. In a funny yet face palm worthy anecdote, Phaedra’s punishment for taking too long to respond to this needy kitty’s cries for attention was to have Booster sit right in front of her and make a deposit in the food dish. And Booster’s punishment in turn was to get smacked in the head by a disgusted Tinkerbelle.

Despite her behavior above, Booster doesn’t seem overly comfortable with the idea of other cats even potentially doing anything similar. Ann remembers “one time when she was crying from the top, as usual, and Pee Wee walked by her. Booster took off like a shot when she “encountered ” Pee Wee’s , um, backside.”

This girl really does love human attention, even if she rarely troubles to come down to floor level to receive it. You may find her on one of the lower cat tree perches where it’s easier to pet her properly or give her treats, but a lot of times she’ll just yell from the top and some convincing may be needed to get her to venture down to somewhere slightly more accessible.

Phaedra describes Booster well: “She’s sweet, she’s noisy, she’s needy and she’s nuts.” She adds that she thinks Booster is one of those cats who “would be a lot different in a single cat household.”

For those cats who really enjoy human company, it’s got to be hard to have to constantly compete with a rabble of dozens, even hundreds, of other cats. Can’t really blame a girl for coming across a little on the needy side or even acting out now and again.



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