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Leonard: our resident “hug muffin.”
A story from Leslie (first published in The Love Blog in July 2009):
“A favorite sanctuary cat, Leonard, is guaranteed to hug the chest of just about everyone who picks him up. When he was just 2 years old, Leonard was surrendered to RAPS by a woman who claimed he had bitten her. We were astonished to hear that, and still don’t believe it, because Leonard has never been anything but gentle in all the years we have known him. It’s possible that the woman was simply creating an excuse for giving up her cat, or that she did something to cause a reaction from him. Leonard is a much-loved and spoiled boy at RAPS. He was recently diagnosed with heart disease and receives daily medication. We know he is feeling well and enjoying his life. Last week he was seen racing down our rear courtyard and up the tree!”

As Leslie says, it’s really hard to picture Leonard biting anyone without cause. Actually it’s not so easy to picture him getting nippy with cause. He’s such an easy going guy, and as Love Blogger Barbara writes, “sooooo full of LOVE.”

Updated March 21, 2010:

When I came for my shift last Monday, Leonard wasn’t to be found in any of his usual places. I was told he wasn’t very well and was in another building. I didn’t get a chance to visit him that night and felt bad about it, so I came back a couple of evenings later and made a point of seeking him out. I found him sitting, apparently comfortable enough, on a shelf. But no hug was forthcoming. No purr, and really nothing more than passing interest.

Leonard left us on Saturday. For the whole of his life with RAPS, he was loved by many and loved everyone back in return. We’ll be missing his hugs for a long time to come.

Leonard, February 2010

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