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I’ve written about FIV cats Hubert, Fergus and Annie. With Fergus, I noted that to look at him, you’d never know there was anything wrong with him.

Barbie, an FIV positive stray trapped a number of years ago at a RAPS feeding site in North Richmond, has more of the ravaged appearance that people probably expect from an animal with feline immunodeficiency virus.

Still, the fact that she’s been living happily at the sanctuary for the past 8 years or so shows that this little girl’s got staying power. Lisa has described her as a cat who “has done extremely well at the shelter” and Leslie referred to her as “one of our most beloved FIV positive cats….” Both very true.

So few shelters are equipped to take in and care for cats like Barbie that all who’ve met and grown fond of her can’t help but feel thankful that she’s been able to find sanctuary here. You can see her in the photos above, out enjoying the sun. The first two shots were even taken by two different people (Michele and myself) on two different days. And yet there’s Barbie, nose in the air, enjoying the attention of her visitors and the sun’s rays.

Check out Barbie’s Story in The Love Blog for more details on how she came to be at the RAPS sanctuary and on FIV positive cats in general.




Update January 28, 2010: Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Barbie girl today. She was loved and knew she was loved. She will be missed.

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