Choosing a Laptop

So you’re thinking about getting a new laptop? What’s important to you? Weight? Flexibility? User-friendly? There are so many models from which...
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Most of our behaviourally challenged cats are with us because of “inappropriate urination” – meaning, they pee anywhere except the litter box! ...
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Number Six

“Number Six” came to the RAPS cat sanctuary along with the cats belonging to volunteer Ruth (Sophie, George, Whiskers, Socks) but, interestingly, he wasn’t one...
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Socks was found as a stray on No. 6 Rd. in Richmond and brought to RAPS in 2009. He was adopted by...
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Whiskers originally came from the Burnaby SPCA. Like Sophie and George, she was adopted from RAPS by Ruth, one of our volunteers. When Ruth passed away...
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Like Sophie, George was adopted from RAPS by our wonderful volunteer Ruth. When Ruth passed away, George was brought back to the sanctuary...
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