raps cat sanctuary bubbles

Project Info

Client Bubbles
Skills Feral

Project Description

Bubbles was a feral cat, scavenging around a neighbourhood of South Surrey. About two-and-a-half years ago, Sean and Kelsey Milliken noticed Bubbles was spending a lot of time in their backyard – and he wasn’t looking any too healthy.

They began feeding (and naming) Bubbles, but while he welcomed the nourishment, he was too long in the wild to allow them to get close.With their two daughters, aged 10 and 15, and with Sean’s parents, Liz and Bob, who live around the corner, Bubbles eventually had a village taking care of him.

Finally, the family all sat down together and acknowledged that Bubbles may not be well and that finding a place for him where he would receive more attention and possibly assimilate into a colony might be the best thing for him. They were also very conscious that many animal organizations would euthanize a cat with Bubbles’ history and challenges.

That’s why they chose RAPS, which is a no-kill organization. The RAPS Cat Sanctuary is the forever home to hundreds of cats, many of them with histories not dissimilar to Bubbles’. Read Bubbles full story here.