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This shy grey boy came to us in 2018 as a hissy, swatty teenager from Port Hardy.

At the time, he had been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FeLV). However, testing is still an imperfect science, and we usually isolate potential FeLV cats until they can have a second test to confirm or disprove the diagnosis. Luckily, Wylee turned out to be one of those cats to show a false positive, and we were very pleased when his second test cleared him.

Because he was so shy, it was decided that he wouldn’t be let out in the general population just, and he was relocated to Pen 6 with the Candy Cats. He never really became part of their “colony”, though he gradually developed a liking for spending time with visiting humans.  I remember visiting with them and being surprised when this friendly grey cat suddenly arrived on my lap. When the Candy Cats were turned out to make way for the McLeod cats, Wylee relocated to the Newcomers area, and mostly disappeared from view.

Having said that, I suspect that occasional glimpses of Wylee may have been mislabelled as Gizmo. The two boys are very similar at first glance, though Wylee is the bigger of the two, and their face shapes are very different. But we’re used to seeing Gizmo wandering around and making trouble with other cats, so some of the quieter sightings may have been our non-troublemaker.

Wylee prefers to keep out of the way; he has places on both the Newcomers Deck and in the main room where he tucks himself up, and we often don’t see him except early morning and late evening.  If there’s a carefully distanced human group enjoying an evening break around the courtyard table, Wylee will often emerge. He has some people that he really loves, and with them he will leap up for a hug, and a good bread-making session. He doesn’t seem to be a fan of other cats – he’s not nasty with them, like Gizmo; he just keeps himself to himself.

When the right person is around, so is Wylee – and in that situation, he’s brave enough to follow into the Tea-Room and share in the preparation of coffee

Coffee time! – LP

He’s not an adoptable boy, at first glance; he would need someone with whom he had already made a strong bond, and someone who was ready to allow a shy cat to take his time in settling.  Probably, like so many of our other Sanctuary cats, he is best in these surroundings where there is no pressure to adapt to a new place, and where there are people who love him.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Brigid Coult, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright
Video by Louise Parris