Cat Sanctuary


This 4 1/2 month old kitten was found on the side of a road heading to Whistler.

The people who spotted her stopped and discovered her to be not only tame but very friendly – even though she appears to be totally blind. They took her to the vet and discovered she does in fact seem to have some sight in her right eye. Unfortunately, the vet also had to inform them that she had tested positive for leukemia.


For her rescuers, a family from Bowen Island, this came as a blow. They’d intended to adopt her themselves, but with other pets and several young children in the house, there would be no way to guarantee that she’d be kept separate from the other animals. Euthanizing her as the vet had suggested was out of the question, and so they searched online for alternatives. And found RAPS.


When they brought her in, they told staff her name was Wonder. Entirely appropriate when you listen to this purr that, despite all she’s been through, comes loud and clear. My photos can’t begin to capture this, so please check out Phaedra’s video:

And here’s the text she posted to accompany it:

“We’ve been blessed with the beauty that is this amazing little half blind sick kitten. She was dumped, she can only see out of one eye and that one is infected, she’s tested positive for feline leukemia yet she’s the happiest most loving little darling. We should all learn a lesson from this little girl.”