Cat Sanctuary

William Shakespurr

This little cutie is one of the cats from a hoarding situation in Alberta, who came to live in our Pen 3 back in 2021. The cats in this group were all young, and some were slightly socialized, but others were (and are) much warier.

William Shakespurr is one of the cats right on the cusp. He’s social – but with cats rather than with humans. He hangs around with Cornelius and Jason – the latter likes attention and petting, but Cornelius is still very wary about being touched by anyone other than Lisa.  William’s very much in that space as well – he likes to be around the activity, especially if there is food being offered, but he’s not ready to be petted, and prefers to stay a foot or two out of reach.

Like Cornelius, he is something of a ham, and is ready to take part in photo-shoots as long as they don’t involve physical contact. He’s an active boy, ready to climb the structure behind Cabin 3, or even to the roof of the cabin itself. He can often be found visiting in the adjacent pens, but is not as ready as Cornelius to get as far as the Tea-Room.

We don’t know who’s related to who, in this clowder, but my guess is that he and calico Baby are siblings – very similar in body shape and size, and often found together.  William’s colouring always makes me think of a bad haircut; he has beautiful tabby and white colouring, but it looks like he wears his hair in bangs.

We would love to see some of these cats getting adopted, though this is such a social group that we would prefer that they go in pairs, so they have company. Sadly, though, I think it’s still too soon for William – hands are only acceptable to him if they hold chicken tidbits, and being petted is still pretty scary. Perhaps a little more time with the Kitty Comforters working on him…

And if not – he’s always got a home at the Sanctuary.

Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Karen Nicholson, Michele Wright
Featured image: Michele Wright