Cat Sanctuary


Whiskey is one of the original cats to come to us from the house that CaraHueyHannah and others once called home.

I hadn’t met Whiskey until now as he’s one of the backyard gang (as opposed to the doublewide gang who are stuck with me every week). He was hanging out on the table in front of the tearoom this evening when my fellow doublewide volunteer noticed this handsome tabby man and wondered who he was. I didn’t know and decided to find out.
He wasn’t too sure about me at first, but quickly warmed up to the point of repeatedly reaching out and grabbing my hand, drawing it toward him so that he could headbutt it more easily. He then spent some time trailing around after me, affectionately headbutting any cat he happened to come across on the way.

Whiskey & Tawny

All this matched nicely with Leslie’s description of him as a nice boy who’s friends with everyone.