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Walking the Dark Side

golden-eyed Sherbet  (KN)

In last week’s blog I introduced a few of the Pen 3 newcomers; this week, in true Halloween style, I’m turning to the black cats (and tuxes) who make it their home.

Shimmer  (MD)

Shimmer is the friendliest of the blacks – hovering at the gate to welcome a visitor, and ready to accept attention. He is small and sleek, with lots of personality, and is one of most agile cats when presented with wand-toy play. He’s on the list to go to the Adoption Centre soon, probably with Jenkins and Lucius.

Jenkins  (BC)

Tuxedo Jenkins was pretty much at ease with us from the beginning. He likes to be around people and lap-sits when he trusts.  He can usually be found hanging out with his friend Lucius, who I will include here, though he’s not one of the blacks – they may not be with us for long, because they’re good candidates for adoption.  Lucius is a stocky boy with beautiful classic-tabby whorls – rather more black than tabby. He’s a bit bossy around the other cats – assertive and dominant, so that some of the more timid ones stay out of his way.

Lucius & Shimmer play rough  (LBF)

Once Jenkins has gone for adoption, it will be easier to zero in on Baker, his “twin” – much shyer, and good at finding hiding places, though he is friendly when he feels he can trust.  The fourth tuxedo of the group (the third is Mewlius Caesar, introduced last week) is pretty Holly – a long-haired girl, unlike the sleek boys.

Holly  (KN)

Holly’s fur is still growing and changing – she has more than a hint of the ghost-grey that front-courtyard Mozart shows off, and her grey ruff gives the effect of mutton-chop whiskers.

Gemini & Sherbet  (BC)

There are three other plain black cats – but easily distinguished from each other.   Gemini is the smallest; she has a look of Shimmer (we’ve no idea how these cats are related to each other, but it’s likely that at least some are litter-mates).  One of her eyes is a little larger than the other.

Sherbet  (KN)

Sherbet is the most elegant of the cats – a long-haired black, he nevertheless manages to stay sleek and tidy, showing off his plumed tail. In the right light he has the most astonishing eyes – dark orange, almost copper-coloured.

Jason  (BC)

Normally the rule is that when a cat arrives with a name, that name remains – it’s only when nameless cats arrive that med-staff have the privilege of naming them,  But someone didn’t like his given name of Galloway for some reason, so, since he arrived with us on Friday the 13th, he was given the name of Jason. Jason is still a little skittish, but the offering of chicken tidbits has established a bargain of taste for touch and the motivation is strong enough to bring him up onto a lap. He and orange Cornelius seem to enjoy each other’s company, and Jason’s leadership is helping us coax Cornelius into allowing touch more easily.

Cornelius & Jason  (BC)

This is a pen of cats who could easily have tipped to the feral side, but the presence of a few key individuals who enjoy attention, and the steady work of the Kitty Comforters, as well as staff and other volunteers, holds much hope that most of these cats will eventually find their own homes.



Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen, Brigid Coult,
Melanie Draper & Karen Nicholson