Cat Sanctuary

Van Dyke

My introduction to Van Dyke was with a sigh and a shake of the head from Leslie. “Another double hematoma.” she said.

We’ve got a few cats running around with a crumpled ear caused by a hematoma (ex. Jessie; see also Mousie’s post for a fuller description), but until recently Cara was the only one I knew of with two of them.

It’s hard to know what makes some cats prone to these burst blood vessels while other cats can scratch and shake their heads to their hearts’ content without a problem.

Van Dyke is a sweet semi-feral who doesn’t seem too bothered by whatever shape his ears happen to have taken. Because he’s quite timid, he didn’t give staff a chance to see his first hematoma until it had already drained on its own and crinkled into a little fold. This time they were able to get him inside for some proper treatment.