Cat Sanctuary

Update: Wonder

Here’s a great start to the new year with an update on how Wonder is enjoying life in her forever home. A huge thank you to Cathy and Don for welcoming this little blind darling into her home and for sharing with us how she’s been doing.

Wonder, our little blind girl from the Sanctuary, has been with us for seven months now. She has grown from a beautiful kitten into a beautiful young cat and continues to be an inspiration for us. She does not let her “special needs” interfere with her love of life! 

She has three companions–our Sheltie and two other cats. (Pansy our 2 1/2 year old urban barn kitten and Mcduff, our 13 year old rescue cat.) Wonder finds lots of things to challenge her—if “Pansy” can get on that shelf or piece of furniture then “I” can too. And she eventually suceeds! Wonder doesn’t give up easily! Wonder is a gentle, loving cat, a joy to have in our lives! 

 photos by Cathy