Cat Sanctuary

Update: Twilight

I was able to meet and get to know Twilight a little in the spring of 2011 when she was caged for a time. Staff had noticed she was looking a little thin and brought her inside to fatten her up a bit.

During her time in the cage, Twilight gradually went from hiding from us to enjoying visits and cuddles. Once she was released, though, she quickly disappeared into the back pens and pretty much forgot that she’d ever decided humans could be her friends. From what Leslie tells me, this has been something of a standard cycle for Twilight: being brought in, becoming tame and cuddly, then going back outside and forgetting we can be trusted.

After the latest bit of cage time, Leslie has been hoping that Twilight will at last break the cycle and just stay friends with us. So far, it seems like she just might.

Twilight’s been continuing to spend time in the doublewide where she’d been caged, sometimes in the cage itself and sometimes on the back porch. I’ve been able to visit her in both places, and although she’s still uncertain at first, it takes little more than a smile to get her lifting her tail up and thinking about coming forward for some purrs and cuddles.

Twilight and Rosie
The cage is open — they just enjoy each other’s company.

Twilight has started going outside again, but Leslie says that she’s continuing to come inside to visit her and will even cautiously approach for pats. Let’s hope it sticks this time!