Cat Sanctuary

Update: Tiny

During a visit to the sanctuary this Sunday afternoon, I had a chance to “rediscover” Tiny, a cat I originally wrote about when Ann introduced me to her in October of 2010.

Before coming to us, Tiny had been living with Creampuff and another cat in the home of a troubled woman whose issues prevented her from continuing to care for her pets. RAPS was called to come and take the cats. Creampuff went to the sanctuary, and the other two went to the No. 5 Rd. shelter to be put up for adoption. The youngest cat was indeed adopted, but Tiny didn’t do so well.

Tiny’s inability to get along with other cats meant that she had to stay in a cage the whole time she was at 5 Rd.. Nobody who came to the shelter looking for a cat to adopt wanted her, and so all she really accomplished during her time there was to get fat due to the lack of exercise. Leslie ended up bringing her back to the sanctuary where she could be let loose without being at quite such close quarters with other cats.

Over time, Tiny’s hatred of other members of her species has mellowed to general low-level dislike. Her affection for humans, though, is as strong as it ever was. When I came across her on Sunday afternoon, she was sprawled upside-down on the cover of the fountain by the tearoom. Far from feeling her snooze had been interrupted, she was delighted to received chin tickles and belly rubs and to wriggle endlessly for photographs. Later on, she came over to sit on the picnic table where she could be even more easily noticed and fussed over.

Apparently, Sunday afternoons are a favorite time for Tiny, as she’ll often come out during visiting hours and sit on any laps that might be available.