Cat Sanctuary

Update: Tiaz, Chloe and Wonder


When I first met Tiaz, she was very large and very angry. She can still be a pretty grumpy kitty these days, but is looking much slimmer. She now lives in the “Gericatrics” area, but Catherine regularly takes her out to one of the back pens and has her run around a bit. The wonders of diet and exercise!

For many cats at the sanctuary weight loss is bad sign, but for cats like Tiaz it’s a good thing to see.

Now, if we can make a little more progress on the grumpiness front…



Chloe hasn’t been having the best time of it at the sanctuary. She did slowly get used to the idea of people touching her sometimes, but she never did relax into her environment.

I apologize for not having a more recent photo of Chloe to include with this post (these two are from last April and September), but with some weight loss (here not the good kind) and ear hematomas in recent months, she hasn’t been looking her best.

Happily, she’s now gone home to live with the same volunteer who took Lilo and Noel. With any luck, the new, quieter and less crowded environment will put some gloss back into her coat and maybe even get a purr or two going.



The best news of the day: miracle kitten Wonder was retested for leukemia today and tested negative!

If you aren’t familiar with the rest of her story, click on her name above to read the original blog post.