Cat Sanctuary

Update: Miller and Schatze get cuddly

Not long after Schatze, our little escape artist and self-appointed parking lot dweller, was [re]captured and brought inside for a check-up, RAPS staff put her shy brother Miller in with her, giving the two a chance to get reacquainted. They were a little uncertain about each other at first, I hear, but were soon cuddling up to each other. Not only that, they both started warmly welcoming cuddles from human visitors to their the cage. Schatze has even been observed to start squeaking a bit like squeal-queen Josie if the stroking stops too soon.



It’s wonderful to see these formerly shy kitties turn into wriggling, purring love balls. The hope now is that it’ll stick once they’ve been let out of the cage. Please visit them while they’re in there so that they don’t forget their decision to like humans once they’re out! If Schatze gets to like us all enough, she may even decide that she can be happy living within the sanctuary and not try to escape out into the parking lot when she gets a chance.