Cat Sanctuary

Update: Marmalade

After a few early encounters with Marmalade that always seemed to involve him biting me, sometimes without evening bothering to share a cuddle first, I must admit that I got into the habit of passing him by.

But when I was filling up water dishes at the sink during a recent volunteer shift, there was just no resisting him.

I’m not sure if he thought I had treats or if he just thought it was a funny game, but Marmalade decided it would be a great idea to start poking around my clothes and going through my pockets. He even tried to stick his paw into my jeans pocket, which made me laugh because he wasn’t having much luck. Laughing and smiling led to patting, which led to purring and more playing with my clothes.

Then Marmalade grabbed a bit of skin on the back of my hand and just stared at me as he bit it.

The next week, we repeated the playing and the patting, but fortunately not the biting. Marmalade can be a very enjoyable cat to spend time with. I’m just still trying to figure out what goes on in that cat brain of his sometimes (yes, I realize this may well be a futile endeavor).