Cat Sanctuary

Update: Little Lizzie

When I posted about Little Lizzie in July 2012, she was one of our look-but-don’t-touch kitties. And even looking at this pretty girl (who came to us as a wild kitten) would often set her to flight.

As sometimes happens, though, time spent in a cage for some special treatment (in both the medical and the cuddles & extra-tasty food sense), gave her a chance to get to know the med staff at the sanctuary and learn that humans could actually be rather nice. Now she’s out of her cage but has opted to stick around where she can continue to receive attention from her human friends.

When Leslie showed me the tortie cat parading around for attention, I asked her how long Little Lizzie was likely to keep it up. Leslie said she could keep it up all day. Indeed, as long as Leslie stayed in sight, it only took a glance to get Little Lizzie preening and dancing around in search of pats.