Cat Sanctuary

Update: K9 and her babies

This week I had a chance to visit Ann’s former foster family at the No. 5 Rd. shelter.

At first I didn’t recognize Kaynine (now called Kila K9), because she was no longer wearing the put upon and generally exhausted expression I’d known her by when she had a pile of hungry kittens climbing all over her and suckling relentlessly. Kaynine/K9 is now bright-eyed, glossy-coated and fully ready to make friends. The whole time I was with her, she never stopped purring, and she was happy to engage in both gentle cuddling and silly playing.

Her small size and playful demeanor really hit home that this mama is still hardly more than a kitten herself. After all, she’s only a year old. It’s incredible that she managed to produce such a large number of healthy kittens.

Of course I also paid a visit to the kittens themselves. One has been adopted, leaving seven equally delightful siblings still in need of good homes. All the early socializing must have paid off — these kittens are totally comfortable with people and pleased to interact, but have already learned the basics of good manners and know not to get too grabby or play-bite too hard.