Cat Sanctuary

Update: Jody

When I posted about Jody back in February of 2010, she was known for loving humans (particularly ones who will rub faces with her and receive kitty kisses) and being annoyed by other cats.

Not much has changed. She’s still living at the sanctuary, and she still loves giving kisses and the odd love bite. I’ve tried presenting her with something seemingly non-biteable like my forehead to give her kisses to, but if given enough time she generally tries giving one of my eyebrows an affectionate nibble.

This past Monday night was all about hand kisses.

Some cats are fun to do update posts about because they’ve changed so much over time (like Little Lizzie from last week). Others are fun to re-post about because of how very little they’ve changed over a number of years. Like Jody, who’s gone on being true to her feistily sweet self.