Cat Sanctuary

Update: George and Marie

A couple of sanctuary cats have gone to live in homes of their own over the past little while.

The big (but wonderful) surprise was Marie, who’s often on the crabby side and has been living at the sanctuary so long that staff initially wondered if she’d be able to adjust to living in a home. The lady who adopted her fell so totally in love with her, though, that she could see through to her best qualities while being able to accept her challenges. Best of luck, Marie, and enjoy your new home!

Marie shortly after her pre-adoption shave to get rid of those persistent mats
photo by Phaedra

George‘s adoption was less of a surprise, as it was well known at the sanctuary that volunteer Monica had come to love him dearly. As soon as Monica moved to a place where she could have pets, she was able to take her darling home.

Here are a couple of photos of George taking full advantage of his comfy new home where he knows he’s one well-loved kitty.

photo by Monica
photo by Monica