Cat Sanctuary

Update: Deety

There’s not much new to report about Deety since I posted about him back in November of 2009. Oddly, that very fact is what inspired me to write about him again. Some cats make themselves memorable by the way they’ve developed and changed over time, while others can be just as memorable for the extent to which they remain exactly the same.

Deety still lives comfortably in his little one-shelf kingdom, where he alternately snoozes, stares at passers-by with his big round eyes, and is occasionally makes love to his fleecy gingerbread-man toy.

He’s also as undecided as ever whether he wants to be stroked by his human minders or simply bite us. Since came to us declawed, though, it’s hard to get too mad at him for compensating by using a surprisingly strong grip with those clawless paws to pull an unwary hand or arm within range of his fully functional fangs.

I asked once whether he ever comes down from that counter of his and was told that he does occasionally jump down, but very soon wants back up again. This would be simple enough except that he won’t allow anyone to lift him up and either can’t or just won’t jump back up by himself. The solution has been to push a low set of carpeted steps that some of the cats like to sit on in front of the cupboard below his perch and wait for him to ascend.

As much as character as ever. And long may he continue!