Cat Sanctuary

Update: Coco

I’m pleased to report that Coco is now completely out of hiding and ready to make some new human friends.

When Martha posted about him at the end of July, he was still very much adjusting to his new surroundings (and situation in general) and needed quite a bit of convincing to let her get within petting range. When I came across him this evening, he was relaxing in the front courtyard. I noticed the white tip of his tail and wondered who this cat who looked a bit like Puffin (black & white, fluffy, white bit on the end of his tail) was. Not having seen his tail in his shy portraits from July, I didn’t clue in that this was in fact Coco until Leslie told me.

Coco (left) and Puffin

He’s also much more confident than he was when he came. You still have to approach him quietly and gently, but if that one request is honoured, he accepts pets quiet readily. Even if you inadvertently come on a bit too strong or, as I did, have just a bit too intimidating a camera, he’ll slink off out of reach, but only just. Then he turns, sits, and watches you with interest, quite ready to have another go at making friends if you’re willing to take it a bit slower this time.

Clearly a sweetie, just as advertized. So nice to see him out and about.