Cat Sanctuary

Update: Carreen

When we first met Carreen last summer, her badly broken hind raised questions over whether extreme measures may be necessary to deal with it. To our surprise and delight, though, it became apparent that the leg wasn’t causing her any pain.

Then came a setback of an unexpected kind – Carreen tested positive for leukemia. And so she was moved to the leukemia room where RAPS is able to care for cats with FeLV (feline leukemia virus) while keeping them isolated from the rest of the sanctuary population. I feel privileged to volunteer for a shelter that maintains facilities for cats with FeLV and FIV.

I paid Carreen a visit the other day. It was all I could do to get a usable photograph of her with all the trotting around the room she was doing as she tried to keep herself within easy reach-down-and-stroke distance.

What truly amazed me is that she not only moved around with apparent ease, she was able to express her great pleasure at receiving a visit through a series of little rears and headbutts. I don’t know how she managed to heal to the point that she can do all this, but I’m glad she did.