Cat Sanctuary

Update: Booster

When I first posted about Booster two years ago, her signature method of getting attention was to incessantly yell at us from the top of the cages while seldom making much of a move beyond that. Well, she still meows and meows from the top of the cages…

… but she seems to have at last understood that making herself a little more easily accessible for a cuddle results in more cuddles. And so if I call her over to another side of the cages where she can hop down onto a shelf where I can reach her better, she generally comes. (Whereas before she’d just stay right where she was and keep meowing.)

Sometimes when I come in the evening I find she’s even ventured down closer to floor level.

All of this makes it much easier to properly respond to her vocal pleas for attention and affection. She loves being picked up and cuddled, and will purr and nuzzle away for a long time. Unfortunately, the time a person can set aside for cuddling one cat when there are many cats’ dinners to prepare is usually not enough to satisfy this needy kitty. And so after setting her down again, the meowing still tends to start up anew.