Cat Sanctuary

Update: Amber

When Amber came to RAPS in June of 2011, she would always hide in the farthest corner of her bed, ears tucked back defensively and eyes full of mistrust. Over the next few months, she slowly started to allow a little interaction, but still wasn’t all that comfortable around us. More time passed and she decided being stroked with one hand was OK, and then that maybe being stroked that two hands did not necessarily mean that someone was trying to grab her.

These days, though she’s still not quite ready to be picked up and cuddled, she’s far more likely to run out to greet her human friends than she is to run away. If she’s in a playful mood, she loves having her tummy tickled and will even wriggle around upside down to make her wish clear.

And head rubs and ear scratches are always welcome, whichever way up she happens to be.