Cat Sanctuary


Twilight was brought to the RAPS sanctuary several years back as part of the same feral group as Lillix. In fact, Leslie thinks there’s a very good possibility that the two might be sisters.

Lillix was brought inside and tamed early on, but the others remained shy kitties in the back pens. We’ve recently gotten to know Twilight better after staff noticed she was getting quite thin and brought her in for observation. She turned out to have worms but nothing else wrong with her, and so she was treated for that and then just kept inside to fatten her up.

Staff were also able to take the opportunity to work on getting her used to the idea of humans as a source of friendship and cuddles. It’s been a slow process, but when Leslie went into her cage this evening, Twilight came out from her hiding place to greet her with purrs and rubs. I later went into the cage myself and was treated to some quality purrs as I stroked her.