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Twilight & Dawn

Pretty Twilight and her kitten, Dawn, came to us early this year.  Hoping that we might make some progress on socializing them, they went into residence in the Moore House kitten room – separated from the “gericatrics”, and with its own little deck for access to open air.

Mama Twilight isn’t much more than a kitten herself – KN

Like many of our new residents, these two have come to us from elsewhere in the province.  They originated from a rescue in the Shuswap area which had also sent us last year the group known as ‘the teens’ – Mozart, Caleb, & Pistachio. There are several shelters that don’t have the facilities to keep cats that cannot be tamed easily, and who may remain feral most of their lives.

Anything for me?  – LBF

Cats like this come to us when they’re past the time for easy socializing (which is why any RAPS kittens are in fosterage for early handling).  Up to eight weeks they will usually settle very easily; anything past 12-15 weeks will be a much slower process, and for some cats, may not happen at all.
Around 8-9 months they are physically mature (enough to sire and to have their own kittens) and their interactive patterns are pretty well set.

Dawn deceptively angelic – KN

Twilight was a young mother like this, and not much more than a teen when she came to us. Her daughter Dawn was past the easy-taming stage, and with their fear feeding off each other, they were a challenge to the Kitty Comforters. We were further challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic which limited much of our program, including the Kitty Comforters, from March onwards, and staff had to make time to visit with these two and continue the socializing efforts.

Dawn steals her mom’s treats – KN

You probably know someone who has one of ‘those’ teens – pushing the boundaries, acting up, stubborn except when it suits them….  That’s Dawn.  Karen says “Devil-Child Dawn got her nickname because she flings herself across the room with reckless abandon and launches herself up walls (and fences) screeching her head off when she sees people. And she steals food out of her mother’s mouth.”

Dawn in focused play – KN

Toys that could be chased and attacked were favourites for this active girl – and when working next door with the “oldies” one could often hear Dawn flinging herself around the deck in pursuit of a crinkly ball or some other thing. Twilight also liked to play – but Dawn would usually get there first!

Twilight – LBF

Sometimes the quiet time in the Moore House kitten room does the trick – and sometimes it doesn’t.  Silky, Sage, Cricket and Beetle all found their confidence with people after their transfer to the main courtyard. Similarly with Mozart, Caleb & Pistachio (so much so that Pistachio was eventually adopted). Twilight and Dawn were more comfortable with human contact, but were not really tame, and it was decided that they should also move to the front courtyard – initially to a cage in the Connor, and then to release.

Typical teenage “cattitude” – LBF

Both have settled in well with the other cats. They are often found together, but they seem to have established their favourite places to be, and are exploring new experiences – being in the rain, climbing in the planters… Twilight remains small – typical of cats who are young mothers; Dawn is growing past her mother’s size, and will probably have more growth to come. We hope that their comfort with new surroundings will extend to interaction with the humans caring for them.

Happy dozing together – KN


Blog by Brigid Coult
Photos by Lisa Brill-Friesen and Karen Nicholson