Cat Sanctuary


Trixie is a feral who’s been at the RAPS sanctuary for some time.

She used to be a girlfriend of Travis, a marvelous tabby & white cat magnet who has sadly since passed away. She may not have found another close cat friend in his absence, but fortunately she does seem to get along with the other cats in general and so can’t be too lonely.

In classic shy feral style, though, Trixie is not particularly interested in getting along with people. In trying to photograph her I found myself “chasing” her (i.e., walking very slowly with her scooting away whenever I got too close) around the shed in the open pen where she lives.

She was apparently in a cage in the doublewide for a dental not so long ago, but I never had a chance to meet her then since she opted to hide behind her drape most (if not all) of the time. Leslie says she made a point of trying to sneak in a pat here and there if hopes of getting Trixie even just a little bit more used to the idea of being touched.

For me, while Trixie had no intention of letting me get close enough to lay a hand on her, but by the time we’d done a couple slow circles of the shed, she was allowing me to come a bit closer before she started to get nervous. It’s a start.