Cat Sanctuary


When I first went to introduce myself to pals Onyx and Topaz on Monday, only Onyx was present, and she wasn’t all that excited about the whole introduction thing. I tried again a little while later and found that Topaz had returned from whatever she’d been doing and joined Onyx in their spot on top of the water heater.

Louise had described Topaz as the friendlier of the pair, who would sometimes come down to floor level for pats. Up high, Topaz wasn’t quite so sure about me, and felt a need to retreat to an even higher shelf that was just about out of my reach and stare at me for a while before she could get into the idea of being stroked.

Eventually, she decided the she rather liked the attention. There’s no competing with her affection for Onyx, though. Leslie describes the pair as inseparable, and says it’s likely that they’re siblings.