Cat Sanctuary


On these last few hot summer days, it is quite a sight to see all the cats sprawled out on the warm cement in the front courtyard.You can’t help but want to join them and sprawl out yourself on the inviting, radiant cement and roll around cat style soaking up the heat.

While sitting in the front courtyard one day, I met a handsome gray and white cat named Tommy who was brought to the sanctuary with his brother Pogo and his sister Chloe ten years ago as very frightened feral kittens. Pogo and Tommy still live at the sanctuary but Chloe has since passed away. A distinctive splotch of white fur in the centre of Tommy’s back makes him look as though he’d been caught under a road surface marker truck.

Tommy seems a sweet cat and enjoyed sitting with me amongst all the other cats.  A nuzzling kind of guy, he first began nuzzling up to my foot and then moved on to nuzzle up to his brother Pogo.  It is touching to see a strong bond still exists for these two cats even after all these years.

Tommy and Pogo