Cat Sanctuary


Toby came to RAPS a year or so ago at the age of 5, surrendered because he’d started urinating inappropriately. A vet check on arrival revealed a bladder infection which RAPS staff advised his former owners was the reason he’d been peeing where he shouldn’t. Incredibly, they steadfastly refused to take him back.

Toby is such a wonderful boy that I’d could almost satisfy myself with saying “their loss,” but unfortunately, now living in a shelter rather than a home, it’s Toby’s loss too.

When I happened to cross paths with him in the laundry room recently, he spontaneously decided that we were going to be friends. I responded by giving him a good cuddle, and he proceeded to follow me around for the rest of the evening to seal the deal. He’s that great combination of gentle and animated that’s so hard to resist.