Cat Sanctuary


When feral Peanut was trapped about five years ago, RAPS was told that she’d had a kitten with her. They were able to trap a young grey female, but couldn’t know for certain this was Peanut’s daughter… until the moment they put the two together.

Here are a couple of snapshots Leslie sent me of Peanut with her daughter, who was named Timmy.

Timmy’s all grown up now, but like her mom, still not easy to get close to. Leslie says she’s been able to sneak in a touch, but I wasn’t so lucky, at least not on this first meeting. Timmy took one look at me and my camera and zipped off down the path to the very back of the back courtyard.

She soon bolted again and I lost sight of her, only to catch up with her later the same evening when she wandered back to the pen where she often likes to hang out with her mom.

I didn’t see Peanut this time, but I did end up following Timmy around the shed a few times trying to get a picture of her, just like I had with her mother the month before.

And, like her mom, after a few circuits of the shed, Timmy didn’t look all that bothered by me any more. I don’t know that she’s anywhere near ready for me to sneak in a pat, but it’s a start.