Cat Sanctuary

Tia & Magnus

What’s this?  A tabby girl rarely spoken about?

Beautiful Tia was one of the first cats to be moved from New Aids to the reinvented Val Jones corner.  She’s also the only female in this crowd.(For anyone who missed the news: Val Jones was previously used as an extension for Leukemia cats.  With an inflow of FIV+ cats, it became the new home for the friendlier FIV+ felines that visitors could dote on [in pre-COVID days]. The more feral ones remain in New Aids, which became closed off to Sunday visitors.)Many visitors have asked me about locating tabbies and calicos around the property. Tia was not requested.  Probably because she made herself so invisible that no one had seen her before.
In the beginning, she passed the days by hiding underneath the draped shelves.  Growls could be heard if anyone disturbed her curtains in the slightest.  As months went on, Tia grew more friendly towards people.  If you seek her out, she’s enthusiastic about pets and will climb out of bed for some leg rubs or munchies.  If she’s truly fond of you, she’ll even strut her stuff outside.  Gotta love her brown coat and dark chocolate swirls.

However, she still has her dislike towards her own species.  Keeping other cats out of swatting range maintains her mellow mood.  Her current favourite hangout is the yellow cage shelf.

On odd occasions, she’ll tolerate another cat in the cage by scrunching herself up in a corner.   Few cats are daring enough to invade that space.  Frank and Jim are the main culprits.  They constantly seek cuddles from everybody and have no idea what boundaries are.  A couple 5-claw slaps from Tia and they’ll get the hint.  Of course, they’ll try again tomorrow.

Then there’s Magnus.  Magnus is outgoing, a people-pleaser, and loves to be outside.  You can’t miss this spry orange fireball.  He’ll steal your heart and your lap. His face looks a little scary, but I promise he’ll enjoy your company if you’re human.During your visit, he will tagalong constantly.  He knows if he keeps it up, you’ll have to fold and give him something he wants.  And he’s open to almost anything!  I imagine him to be the type of cat who weaves around your ankles while you’re preparing food. Magnus will happily taste test any floor samples you may drop. He often competes against Wally for attention.  The main difference is Wally wants pets and Magnus wants a warm lap.  He likes wand toys and is competitive in monopolizing the toy to himself.

Like Tia, he hates feline invaders;  he’ll keep on swatting until all cats back off.  If he’s inactive, Magnus can be seen napping on the porch chair with heat lamp, taking turns with the other cats.

With all the rain lately, Magnus has taken to using the heating panel inside one of the houses.  This meant sharing close quarters with other cats.  Luckily, they worked out a deal and they’re all able to have their own beds without quarrels.

The uncomfortable factor for most people seeking to adopt is hearing that these cats have FIV+.  In truth, they can live with most other cats and pets and can still reach upwards of 20 years.  With Magnus and Tia, the problem is the anti-cat personality factor.  What each one needs is a one-pet home, so they can have all the human attention and zero furry competition.

Blog by Pauline Chin
Photos by Pauline Chin, Jennine Kariya, Michele Wright